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In 1946, George Orwell entered the fray with his marvellously prescient essay The Moon Under Water.

For him, the perfect London pub had to include draught stout, simple but filling food, a well-sized garden, Victorian decor, and no radio or piano to spoil the prospect of stimulating conversation.

For him, one of the great sins is “the licensee not spending time in their own pub – and often in another.

It’s not good if a customer asks where the licensee is and he’s drinking down the road.

They have to spend time in their own pub.” I visit a lot of pubs in the line of work and would also add to the list of desirable qualities the importance of lighting (not too dark, not too bright), the warm welcome from the licensee and staff (neither ingratiating nor falsely cheerful), the quality of the beer and a certain indefinable soul or spirit that just makes you feel at home.

This country has a wonderful variety of pubs: town pubs, city pubs, suburban pubs, seaside pubs, village pubs, in-the-middle-of-nowhere pubs and pubby pubs.

Plenty of licensees complain about the power of the “pub-co” and the price of beer has continued to surge upwards, thanks to the 42 per cent increase in beer duty since 2008.

King’s Head, Laxfield, Suffolk Time has stood still in this ancient thatched pub, where Adnams beers can be enjoyed in a warren of rooms.

Crown, Stockport Trim and traditional multi-roomed ale house that plays hide and seek beneath a Victorian railway viaduct and serves up to 16 cask beers.

The church clock in the small Exmoor town of Dulverton has just struck 6pm and it’s opening time at Woods.

Inside the rustic-styled bar, the first pints of St Austell’s tangy Proper Job are being drawn for thirsty locals.

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A new variant on this is the craft beer pub, where a dozen or so cask beers, some interesting world beers served on draught and an eclectic cabinet of bottles are attracting both young and female drinkers, as well as the usual beer geeks.

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